Building the Most Energy Efficient Data Centers

Maximize Server Density


Each XCI Immersion Tank can be configured to dissipate heat from up to 100KW of computing power and can be located almost anywhere.

Virtually unlimited server density and scaleability making way for the possibility of applications otherwise thought impossible.

Cooling - PUE of 1.03


XCI Cooling is over 1200 times more efficient than air for removing heat from computing equipment, allowing you to utilize 100% of available server space.

With over a 90% reduction of cooling cost, XCI cooling is very energy efficient, thus reducing OPEX.

Up To 50% Energy Savings


With the elimination of air conditioning, you reduce your cooling infrastructure's operating expense up to 90% alone.

Space Reduction & Reduced Build Costs


With no need for AC, raised floors, or chemical fire agent, the ROI is LESS than ONE YEAR for the average data center.

Smaller footprint per megawatt substantially reduces CAPEX by approx. 25%. 

Works With Most OEM Servers


Immersion Edge is currently working with OEM Server Providers on specific Immersion ready equipment.

Extends Server Refresh Cycle


With chips much cooler than they would be with AC, Immersion Cooling extends their life considerably.

Protected from dust and corrosion, the biggest investment in the Data Center will last much longer with up to 80% reduction in hardware failure rates.

Immersion Edge Collocation